Our employees are family, so naturally Safety is paramount at Sunesis. Safety is more than a fundamental part of our company’s culture – it’s our core. Our integrated, multi-dimensional approach to environmental health & safety supports effective policies, fosters committed personnel and drives successful projects.

The Sunesis Health and Safety Program was designed to address worker health and safety by establishing guidelines, planning an approach, training and instructing personnel, and protecting those who are performing or are affected by the work.

The central portion of the program is the Health and Safety Manual, which defines the overall philosophy and methodology of the program and provides a starting point for all other parts. Items such as a Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan (SSHASP), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), and other job documents build the detailed procedures for work occurring at each project Site, and personnel training programs help to ensure that all employees understand their roles, the risks to which they may be exposed, and how to protect themselves and others from those hazards. The Health and Safety Program is supported from the top-down, maintained and administered by the Health and Safety Department and is implemented by Sunesis Field Personnel, as appropriate.